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It's in one breath that the syllables come falling out, Can't break one down if they don't know a thing about doubt, I'm stronger, braver, wiser, faster, Than I ever been before,
Look at me and what do you see?A girl like any other.But once you take a deeper lookyou'll notice I'm quite unique.I lived through trials and heartachesFew have seen before.
In the distance, I see blue skies. Empty of tears, but full of life.  
i live among youi feel emotions just like youi have a family just like every one elsei would feed you if you were hungryi would see you as a friend if given the chance
I often find myself falling in love. With bright eyes, goofy smiles Broad shoulders and tanned skin I often find myself falling in love With tall shadows, two left feet Edges and a dash of masculinity
Wake up, everyone! Don’t you know? Till the ground for harvest Disrupting the unfruitful flow   It’s just how it is That’s not an excuse To let people settle
Before I knew you I knew i didn't want one of you before I knew you I knew I didn't have a clue once we decided to make you I knew I would love you once we made you I already loved you
I grew up in a place, where there are no mountains, cities, or buildings Instead, every few nights I encountered killings Dead bodies in the middle of the road, rotten, ran over
You reach around the room for broken girls, You know, the ones with those innocent curls. They trust in you, with all their might, Still believing in you when you cut them down to size.
My sisters and I come from a land of harsh sun where our culture and spirits live.  A place that contains so much more beauty than one could ever witness in a lifetime.
Although we advancewe live a lie,in an engineered trance,what dies is our mindsand although we have risen, now we must fallthat, is a given, we must learn to crawl
42. The answer to life, the universe, and Everything. What is 6 times 9? The question. A nihilist laughing at the world. There is no point. The answer and question cannot
Dear Dairy,
You apply to college believing you can pursue your dreams But you apply without understanding their many schemes. Higher education is a privilege not a right So I don't understand why I constantly have to fight.
There it is. Those metallic golden gates glistening in the sun.
My misery pours out of my eyes, as I drown in my sorrow. With a face of an angel, it hides the pain that lies behind my smile. Hands of my kind soul hide the past from a blade, taken to the soft skin of my youth.
“March on,” He says. My frail bones sag beneath the load; Too many burdens hang on these tired shoulders, Too many regrets of grand proportion. Darkness falls And with it comes the shrills of mothers,
*Tunas = spanish word for prickly pears   Standing in line to eat the tunas was always like waiting for a roller coaster ride. There’d always be 5 or 6 of us cousins,
I realized this is getting redundant I realized it never trully accepted it hated that what i am doing is repetitive tedious I hate being one to complain feeling alone
Driving is something we all enjoy at first but after time it becomes a drag. For me drivig can stil be fun, just don't be that back seet driver. I know where i'm going, Don't tell me where to turn,
waking up leaves a bitersweet taste sleep is serene, its an escape for when you awake you're looking in the face of reality, a reality where it seems the bad outweighs the good
As a child, I couldn't wait to grow up. I wanted to go to high school,  Just like my big brother. I wanted to go to dances and play sports. I always enjoyed my brothers books, I loved to learn.
Do you feel good As their voices scream inside Unable to be heard By us on the outside   Do you feel good Dumping chemicals into their eyes As they twist, and turn in pain
What's the meaning of life? To live and die, Or proser and survive? Maybe it's to feel,
I come from two people that I don’t resemble A man who’s optimistic in every way and A woman who worries every second about my well-being  
As a high school student, I tight-roped between per-pressure and a need for perfection. Only to fall into, what feels like, a never ending rabbit hole of anxiety.
She was just seven years old. The story of her life had never been told. She had plans and dreams. She was more than she seemed And her tears did stream As she silently screamed
Darkness, shattered by a spectacular fireworks show.  Dormancy, followed by the sparks of the most intricate electrical circuit.  The signals of eighty billion neurons travel on a journey to bring life.  
Thank I for being there For being the only one who never forged care   Thank I for the love And in the times when me would not, Thank I for the shove   Thank I for all I’ve thought
You want me to get up on stage You want me to make a fool of myself Well why not any fool can speak utter nonsense I do not want a millionaire dollar contract That is just another whip you can use
Life is chess, not checkers One move ahead to most that’s fine Think three to five steps ahead It should be done
She breaks through water, glistening barrier
To them, It's a name in the air.
You always just assumed that things were red and blue. The wonderful evil and the awful truth. No in-between was necessary to you.
Mother's Day should be celebrated with those who are truly mothers. A mother who stayed awake with her crying child every night he couldn't sleep.
My mind is where the universe dwells, The stars, the nebula, the galaxy inhabit my brain cells. The same energy that occupies everything, everyone, everywhere around my being,
Struggle to get by-- Everyone knows the pain    Teachers load on the work-- Gotta stay up late    Go to school the next day-- Big test, oh joy   I try my best but all I manage is to stay awake   Everyone excpets the best-- Everyone wants perfect 
It screamed.   It screamed in such agony. Waiting for someone to hear it. ... Why was no one answering its chilling call?
Sitting and breathing was all she every did in class. Eating and sleeping was all she did at home. She had no friends nor siblings to talk to or share her deepest dreams.
During that night. All the souls went to sleep, All except her. She heard the horrifying sounds the sky made, and the noise the  trees were making.
When I was little, I did not know what would become of me, For I knew nothing but what was around me, As I gradually got older, I came to realize what my expectations were,
I see the world as it is, rotating around and around.   A car zooms by, startling the birds on the side of the street, a perfect picture of two worlds,
You try to paint me in a mold,
An instinct fast, slow, old, new A friend vivid, pieced, blurred, complete A stranger the id, the ego, the superego A fire with no oxygen and at times someone opens the door, and there's backdraft
My head is spinning round and round. I feel dizzy, but can't sit down. My heart feels like it's going to bust. I grab my chest in hopes of calming it. My grades are slipping. My heart is torn in two.
I must be aberrant i see you and you and you humans and viscerally I love you down deep without knowing you automatically from instinct from the earliest racial Memory
In college people get drunk off cheap beer Partying the night life away without a fear
How am I s
"Just go to bed.  Don't say a word, don't look in the mirror,  just go to bed."  You'd be amazed how much less I'd regret If only I ever listened. Mama said to eat a bite,  keep quiet, 
You’d never know the mess she made; she always locked the door behind her The cold made her ever more careful, she could never be too sure What she did in the dark she kept to herself, she wanted to fool them all
My bones ached from the way you said my name. But this silence is violent now as I hear the walls creek. I can feel you radiating life into me. The warmth that your skin brought still fresh on my cheek.
Roses are red Voilets are blue Let me tell you how This is a special time for me and you Not because of the gifts Or the money you spend But because of where our relationship is going
Oh, how I wish Each day we'd be Celebrating Sweet liberty   Oh, how I love The fourth of July The red, white, and blue The flag flying high   How we forget
One drop, two drop, three drop, four;     His head in his hands, his tears fall to the floor. Every name thown at him, every prank and every beating;    Leaves his body bruised and his heart bleeding.
Sometimes I wish I can get a
Who am I?
  Sincerely Fearing The Tyranny Of Evil Men I Hide in the Valley of Darkness Becoming Selfish
A smile naturally pierced, It fills my face with boiling blood This one speaks with deceit Devil's advocate, Devil's lust His eyes possess my conscience, They speak not so in tongues
A blank stare into that reflective deception  Where all you can see is cracks and faded lines Where nothing but flaws show Where nothing but hatred is being presented and thought into that reflective deception.
I've got two miniature Chewbaccas under my arms.
Locked in a cage, never know when I'll be freetrapped in a life full of cruelty My baby was torn from me, right out of my gripHow could I ever have let him slip?
Slam, Whizz!  Society- fast and explosive.  Flow, twist; Be one with the emotion, Let it go, No sense in all the holding; As we get a better grasp of what we're molding . . . 
Music: Emotional revelation. Movement. Profound poetry dancing, floating, struggling atop waves of sound or, Wordless sound with colors of its own. Moving me to feel
My mind has been lifted; my time has been lifted, Not knowing what, cuz the feels been shifted. The time is now, the time has come, When beginnings end, when the end comes. The fighting starts, we argue now,
I'm sitting watching the ceiling fan spin, You said you'd be here...when?   Please let this be real, Please don't lie!   I've sat here for an hour now, I'm slowly beginning to cry!  
Words Floating everywere Words What do they mean? Forming sentences, thoughts, ideas But what do they mean? Is it my happiness? My joy? I write and write and form words
I often wondered why some fathers never taught their sons how to be men Why they never taught them to walk with their heads held high enough to see the beauty in a women’s face
In the morning I awake, a machine. The first stimuli of  the day flow into my head Like light into a dark, void chamber.  
The world should be a beautiful place The world should be living in peace But it is not. Not at the government's understanding but society. Citizens of America has children  Can other countries not ?
You can call me quiet, but inside you don't really know. All the thoughts are swarming, they are out of my control.  You have done your best to bring me down, but look where I am standing now. 
Look at me.  I'm standing here...waiting. I've been standing here.For a while now actually.  Oh now you noticed me. Stop it! Stop looking at me!  
Have you ever seen that one individual approach your direction? The one that has you double checking your charisma, physique,complexion Did you ever wonder what that individual was thinking?
Are you out thier god because i need to know So i can stop feeling so aloneIm drowning in my tears i cry up to my kneesIf your out there god send help pleaseYou tantlize me by not answering when i call
My heart longs for something more than this. More than a mother, a father, a sibling, A friend, a lover, a companion. I want Relationship. Not fleeting, temporary, one sided relations, But eternal relation.
The river flows on and on Some things are left on the banks Some things float downstream We carry on in our boat   Some say the river is endless That whatever goes in it Eventually comes ashore
Wounded hearts and college textbooks. See, these are the extremities of your late teens and early twenties. I say I can relate when in all actuality…I can. Life gave me a broken heart along with college loans.
Rapidly decreasing stitches when the directions call for them two stitches gone at each edge every other row 14 times In 28 rows, 28 stitches will disappear this math becomes the waist shaping of a sweater, 
A freshman in high schoolI was overcomeBy the lack of ambitionI had becomeStaring at the list of lettersWishing that I had done betterStrange emotions came over meLooking at the letter D
There is a girl, One without a sword. WIth broken dreams right beneath her toes. Everyday she fights the urge to cry. Some people may ask why? For she simply manages to pass by day after day living.
Oh weary traveler on this moonlight night Are you lost or do you see the way forward In this pitch black night on this treeless road                Do you journey to sing a story into life?
Words Said, spoken, thought. Defined as the ones that define. Words. Being that of Saying, thinking, giving, exchanging, understanding. Demonstrated through
Whisper the Words that come from you Heart For they are Sacred and should be Kept Away Away from those who break the heart of the Wounded and Weak Once more I plea to you to keep away those words of Love
Take me to a place where I can be alone Alone in peace and serenity; Away from hurt, Away from pain, Away from ignorance and bigotry.  
“If only I could have water.” Thin sheets pulled over her eyes -- Raging sunlight burning their soft membranes. No more tears to wash her face. She tried moving her hand, futile.
             ‘Do you think he’ll mind?’ ‘You’re so annoying.’      ‘Stop it.’   ‘You’re a joke.’                          
Like the beach, emotions wash over meWhen I think of the erosion that wastes me.Like how you cross my mindThe water washes over me again and againI think of the what "ifs" and I can't bear the water anymore
This hard journey has just begun Just when I thought it was over and I had won There are no more drugs to do No more bad choices to make Yet my hands still tremble, quiver, and shake
I want to scream for the world. I want to scream for a country whose voice has been diluted and whose people have been illusioned. I want to puke out the lies that have been instilled in me
As strong as breathit breathes life into me.Each Syllable makesmy mind tick and heart sing.Eyes glisten with its melodicmajestic grace as hearts swoon by its calling,
I just want Perfection.
woeful dest
Fallen like little soldiers marching to certain death.  Feels like an angels kiss on your last breath.  Look at her in the night such beauty. Such pain. She lets her true colors show when no one can see
The nose, the eyes, the mouth, the hair, Things I've seen before but in different ways. Somethings quite off, Yes, somethings not right.   Her feet walk on hell,
It might look simple. It may not make sense. It might look look squishy. Guess that's why they call it your brain. Underneath the hood is where the good stuff is.
If you look at me  I'm not much to see I seem so ordinary But if you look closer you just might see
IT'S NOT 6:20, I THOUGHT YESTERDAY WAS The Last Day Guess I was wrong Eat, brush, clothes, what was the order again?
Music: it's something that cannot be explained. Something to decrease the strife and end all the pain. It speaks to peole, like words can never do. It even brings strangers together: like me and you.
It gets a little old when you constantly get told every single thing the world thinks you've done "wrong".   How every single day it finds some funny way  to throw you off your game
Once I step inside those lines, my mind is completely set free. A place where nothing else matters, just the batter, the ball, and me. I look in to get the sign, I'm focused on the glove. 
When you least expect it I’ll be right there Lurking in your mind Standing as a reminder   I’ll never let you forget What you have done to me All of the tears I cried
I don't know what to do in this place Losing to success like its a case my hopes and dreams shattered in an instance I've came so far yet it seems like no distance i pushed myself only to fall harder 
"Mother, why won't you believe me? I've told you no lies today. Mother, why won't you see I'm trying to make my own way?"   "Child, you ask to be free Yet you've always told nothing but lies.
We are all but ordinary But from within we share a common vision One where we will not be the roots of ridicule Where we will be accepted People with their bright lights these days
Another day at school The wheels in my head are constantly spinning
Another lonely soul.  
When it comes to the true meaning of life, people of normality become completely baffled.
  Not many people ever get to see The things that make me smile The secret side of me
Field of Vision Education rules my mind. Images of words and numbers congregate   in a myriad of thoughts and processes, weaving together a interconnected tapestry of hope, success
For a girl who has so much to say the words just won't come out.  Somedays I want to laugh and play and others I want to shout. I wish my touch could convey
The greyness, gentle.
Watching in the distance, How our lives used to be. Watching in the distance, A distant memory Of what used to be.   We were so happy, The envy of every couple. We were so happy,
Re: Re: Kinder A child said What is kindness? cradling a small cat in a box1; How can I answer the child when the perspectives are endless?      It could be the laughter
Re: Re: Kinder A child said What is kindness? cradling a small cat in a box1; How can I answer the child when the perspectives are endless?      It could be the laughter
Living in a culture that’s all make believe One big lie and contradiction to be free Really everyone’s trying to stick a square peg into a round hole Glamorizing girls sticking fingers down their throats
I am but a young soul    born into the darkest place on earth   i am but a young soul    so fragile that everything that touches me hurts  
22 days left Will I make it or will I fall deep down into the ocean with the rest who decided to not even try.. time is running Where to look, how to breathe, where to stand? Who knows but I have faith.
We all have a beast inside One that claws and howls to be set free It's a game of Jekyll and Hyde "Set me loose on a killing spree" It gets stronger when I get mad When its loose, its hard to reel back in
                           Scattered thoughts                                          Scattered Dreams                                Scattered visions for the future
Their words cut deep Their stares burn She walks the halls All the hushed whispers  Float to her ears She never fit in She never will Her long sleeves Hide all the scars
This place seems all to familiar… The same old TRAP…I just need a second CAN I GET A SECOND!? Lord please   The clock has stopped, and I think…
Walking around the halls of high school You see many people They are all dressed nice and look great But you notice something Some of the girls have shorts on that are way too short
You're a distinctive memory fading faster now and this is me crying out, willing to surrender if you'd just hold me once again.  I walked away frustrated, but with my heart on my
It started with a story. 
You compare me to my friends   So which one should I be like?   You want me to be her, The one whose not a virgin and had an abortion? 
When you leave them dirty, where is your compassion? When you yell and scream, where is your respect? When you get physical, where are your morals? The elderly need your help, not your abuse.
Tonight, I have thought more about the future than I would have liked too..                                         What am I to do?
I first was taught what love was The Stting of the moon Theloss f language continualy haunted by the world I have no doubt To fall at my feet. A memory that wil be boud together
  It's easy to say we know how to think No manual required or five step list
I make sure I look over my shoulder... Because someone else might act upon their thoughts It seems that every though is a terrorist plot I constantly imagine killing people I see
There is a hill behind my house that changes With every season, it transforms and makes me
Hypocrisy- Because just saying you're open-minded doesn't mean you have an open mind; It means you can use your words. And being open-minded can be easy;
All lazy people Why don’t you try a little You annoy me so
My life has always been quided by my mother With loving hands she directed me to saftey
In silent treachery, sweet madness has formed Coiled rings attach in collision Chemistry blasting against the midnight sky Distance brings perfect polarity Lightning it must be for what the eyes cannot see  
This is my brain on drugs.   I'm a lonely man apart from my animals: Insects So first it's my brain on bugs. I loved them even when there existed arthropods longer than I was tall.
  Living in a world where ppl just wanna judge 
The waters a stagnant mud A soup of primeval beings--I am engulfed in them They swivel past my body, they curve around my limbs, soul searching for the entrance
  I hear it through my body
don't blame this on me your depression  your inability to stop yourself from falling in love with every girl who talks to you your continual pessimism  
Swords and Soldiers Magic and Mages Great Drakes of the Skies Heroes made famous through the Ages   My world was born many years ago When it had been ten years when I was born
Air whooshes from my lungs as thoughts go rumbling through my mind and I find that I can't catch my breath in this place. White lights sting plain walls and leave my head aching, my limbs shaking,
Suffering from broken hearts
Pallets of information. Stacks of senses. Brimming full of opportunities and experiences. Axons wrapped up in plastic. Dendrites boxed with foam. Distributed through our live.
My head was clear when I was young               But then I grew and there went all the fun I try every day to keep going strong               Even when the dark days are long Mixed emotions about many things
It’s all in the stars; I can tell you that right now Whether it’s late at night In your old Chevy with the top pulled down Or those moments when you’re closest to God
My skin is whiter than the snow that kisses the peaks of the mountains My roots are more knarled than the roots of an aged willow My hair, my eyes, my mouth None of them are ordinary.  
Expectations to fill The desire for peace A need for motivation To keep me from this depression  
The roads were grey back then Cracked- where the tar filled in And we used to play little games Of “don’t touch the lava” Because the asphalt Burned our feet And the sun Melted the tar.
There is not a thought that refuses to pass through my mind
Walking down the street they hold hands People look and stare taking second glances Saying that shit should be band But why, If you’re allowed to drink on Sunday And smoke your lungs away
What exactly have I come across? Never knew the simple life I led could cause complex loss. Stuck inside the frame, knowing all I see is rain, If I keep my eyes to God then maybe life will make a change.
It's so hard to stay in reality When the mind is a better place to be. Why suffer in the world of practical When you possess a world that's magical? You are a perfect being over Here
To Face   I've faced a smile, I've faced a flood of tears. I've faced anger,
What did he say? They ask. A question I always get asked when he proudly speaks of his toys Transformers, power rangers, animated movies He can’t stop himself.   Is he paying attention? They ask.
You say you want Some insight Just a little peek inside But be careful What you wish for There's a reason That I hide My emotions are Ever flowing There's no controlling
In hopes to wash away the pain,
The red ruffle of your nose is too sad to watch when you cry When you smile the chalky pieces of your teeth seem to disintegrate Holding your hand when we walk together I can feel
You needed a second chance I handed it over You needed a place to stay I offered you shelter You needed to cry
In a world of constant transformation Experiencing endless stagnation,  One may lose the motivation To continue on their path with proper determination.    With a desire to absorb extensive knowledge,
I was the alien who walked into the room
I look over my shoulder, a double-take, twice. Oh, and life had once been so nice! I ask Heaven my questions, I plea and I beg. My unsatiable ego has been knocked down a peg.  
The Wheel of time forever turns Like the battle between good and evil forever burns The light may guide and bless you While the dark ones try to possess you Today’s life will be lived again my friend
I'm on an adventure Into my mind Where I will find the treasure But first I must find The map, my inspiration Perhaps I could look to my friends For they are what brings me elation
Formed by the potter of GOD And made by a rib  Started out a seed then bloomed into beauty  Has the ability to push out a 9 month blessing    And has the proclivity to nurture it Eyeslashes of love 
A place called collegeIs a place to acquire knowledgeA place to goAnd a place to showWho you really are,
The girls that think their cool because they make boys drool Getting pregnant at 15 and not caring about anything 1,2,3 pregnant belly's I see You haven't even began your life so you do what's on TV
My thoughts are a blaze in the dark, Fueled with sights and sound. They swirl within, thundering, creating, converging. From my mouth and hands spring, Ideas, forged from fire in the dark,
Going, going, going, gone Forever stuck between right and wrong There are no rules, when it is up to you When thinking of yourself is what to do   The earth, the world, I don’t consider It ours
How do we define ourselves? by a given name? by relationships? by physical appearance?
this the generation of knowledge                                                                                                                     and I have fears that it will cease to be                                                        
Tick, tick, tick, tick. Foot taps; heartbeats sync My back hurts and my blisters sting. I glide across the field; not a step but a march. In line with my family.  
People struggling, knees buckling Faces cast down all around News blipping, Hope slipping Knock knock, failure’s at the door One breath away, one day, one choice That’s all it takes to make it all naught
A good book is likr a trap! It keeps you in its grasp, Forcing you to finish; Leaving you wanting more. Its word, as sharp as a hook! Pulling you deeper, Immersing you in its story.
Nobody is who they say, but everyone says who they are And to find someone who is real is a tad beyond bizarre. What irks me about this whole conclusion
I have a buck or two, Not to spare. My parents work, but I can't reply on their jobs. I can't rely on them to pay my debt. I didn't grow up in old money, Nor will I have new money.
When you first look at me you notice how tiny I am
Sticks and stones If only they were just sticks and stones That, she could handle But this - the abuse
Her hands so fragile, skin and bone with nothing in between. His face burnt from the rays beamin down on his brow every morn' . His beard long and over grown. Her cheeks sunken and shallow.
So many secrets 
Reality is individualistic. Whatever we see, we believe. Whatever we believe becomes our reality.
It's not very often that we break. We don't always yell,  or speak our minds.   We are taught to breathe in. Let our problems rest,  settle in our lungs.   But enough is enough.
The footsteps that closely follow                                             The intricate workings of my mind                                          
What makes my mind tick? Who knows. Some wacky combination of my parents x's and y's or o's or who knows. Perhaps there's a clock inside my mind whose arms spin round and round keeping the wheels spinning.
Middle class, two parents, average grades, no life changing experiences. How do i become successful in a community where grades, family, ethnicity and money matter most?  They've taught us to be different, but different how? 
Have you ever let your mind run? Not shape its course nor acknowledge your own thoughts Almost as if your mind was breathing Not air but ideas of the impossible, words that can't be defined but hold every meaning
My life consist of untold stories, But this one story is sad, not to egregious, but makes me mad. This story stuck with me to create my past. Should I go along or start a new path?
Cancer took my friend cancer took my homie cancer took Gods Child football fanatic marquis could be so sarcastic base god lover football Panther Number 4 will always live on
Discrimination we all live inblacks or whitegay or straightwhy do we discriminate ?love each other but judge on their behalfi dont understand
I am sitting outside as the day goes by, I look up and see a bird in the sky! She’s flying and singing and chirping along,
I am from love, life, and happiness. I am from running towards the sun in summer, and drinking hot chocolate in the winter. I am from friends that used to be just neighbors. I am from the Catholic family.
Hope is the blood that routes my veins, provoking my passion and vitality during my youth.
As night falls, A fire shines across the fields Sown with tears and watered By blood. What's the price of a mile? Crush the foul disease, echoes The public's call But who is the voice?
It appreciates simplicity, and yet it values creativity. Thoughts never stop just like electricity. Even when things get tough, and life seems rough The rain never stops the brain.    
The world is full of many people,
One thing that makes me tick Is the way people pick Who they think is cool enough, smart enough, or who is fit I am sick of hearing the mockery Against everyone's poverty Emotionally, physically, mentally
A mind is a beautiful thing to waste. Deep in my mind, behind the darkness that floats behind my eyelids  There is a yearning for learning. Corny way to put it? Absolutely But, it's the best I've got.
They look at me like I'm different, But the truth is, I am. I'm different in the way that I don't like boys the way most girls my age do. I hate boys. I like girls. I'm different, 
As ladies we are not clay We don't change by the day To satisfy your play
What makes me tick? I'll tell you quick opening new pages sharpening my mind sit up in my desk of knowledge and time my homework is to enrich myself be it mind or body- the goal is health.
It all started innocently, my dad was just drinking one or two beers, but those beers turned to ten or twenty.
Lower your voice please I can hear you fine what you said is ringing in my mind.   There's no need to yell accusing me is wrong I didn't do anything and I'm not that strong.  
Do you feel your heart beating?  Listen, hear the song: It beats, again and again Like a drum inside you So loud but yet silent, beating for strength itself. Just the pound within your chest.   
Sometimes I wonder why Why we have to try Try not to let the world bring us down Even when our dreams come crashing to the ground Let me cry a little while I’m tired of wearing this fake smile
I feel my thoughts are vast and free Floating as in space They’re lovely, gorgeous as can be Mind’s eye sees naught but grace   But when I speak, try to announce All that I think inside
Star Spangled (Version 3/Draft 1)   We are in your star spangled eyes, A part of the scars,
How do you think it feels to be Mexican? Does its matter where your orgins been? Everyday you're called a beaner, Cause their self-esteem wants to be meaner. When you think I jumped the border, 
In my junior year of high school, I took some wacky classes. They were Forensics I and II And I always wore my glasses.   The teacher then inspired me To be all I can be.
the cat's ashestucked in his frozen elbowpink tin with painted flowersthe white cat now greythe golden sand dollarthree doves waiting inside
I gave my love to a world that never gave it back to me It's crelties are unmeasured As Boundless as the sea
School seems such a throughtful time, When we're expected to be the best, learn the fastest. Sure, sometimes the arts are taught, we learn what it is to rhyme,
What is human existence? Is it to pronounce our unfathomable desires in a rush of uncertainty? Is it to comply with mainstream understandings and the sickening wave of honest lies? 
I'm 18. I'm legally responsible for myself and my life. But I can't be trusted to go to the bathroom because I'm still in high school. I'm stuck in a place where I am expected to act like an adult,
People on my left And people on my right Yet none of them see each other They can't even tell if it's light or night   They're thinking about their hair They're thinking about their clothes
Rushing, always rushing, Really no time to look back for what you wish was coming. Movement, perpetual movement, Making steps towards the revolution.   "You're so strong," they always said,
What's real is not what's in your head What's real is not what's in that thing It's about what is in your heart   Feeling that ache for that one guy or girl Feeling that love for that favorite toy
I associate two with eight. Maybe Because two fours make up one eight And one Four can be made up of two two’s.
Perfection Magazines, Billboards, Posters, Show us perfection never seized How can we live up to society’s orders?
Can't you see the darkness surrounds me, Can't you see it moving in. All the things you couldn't tell me, all the things I should have said. Times are changing, lives are fading. I am leaving,
Shes dying from lack there of a better term for the love but only finding lust or giving more than she recieves -shes dying of the ungiving emotional disattatchment from a mother the
Demanding money doesn't help it just makes the people yelp. The world needs a punishment that's new something more powerful to me and you. Wreckless driving is a serious matter
My mind is beautiful. It is something that is mine. While everyone has one Some people decide not to use it.   My mind is powerful Its a tool I use it to solve problems. Its a weapon
The one thing that really makes me tick,  is how parents like to abuse their kids. What is it that makes a parent click,  to lay hand and bruise those eyelids. To punch, slap, kick or even yell, 
I wonder what you think when you’re out there smoking your cigarette. I wonder what you would think if you knew I hold your baby while she cries. I wonder what you think when you’re out there smoking your cigarette.
What do you call one who has lost themselves? No longer themselves, lost behind the mask They place upon themselves to make it through society. What becomes of their reality?
  As i wake broke with a dream  Wishing i can re-live the moments i need Only way to clear my mind school and my team Basketball number 3 lost my little cousin lee 
A beautiful soul like you deserves every dream to come true,  I know we'll make it, me and you.  You have to be here to watch things change, to watch your deamons fade away. 
The kingdom of God is defined
The wind behind me pushingThe wind in front of me a wallI run, I dribble, I kick the ballThe wind carries the ball into the netThe wall of defenders, I cannot see
"What makes you tick?" The question you are asking Is a question I am unable to answer. What makes me tick? I have not yet discovered.
As the rain falls, it cries 
Babylon   Yesterday I quickly carried inflated hope over average tires on a shifting freeway Past dented orange cone sentinels and sagging houses.
I watch you walk through the door coming to me.  You say that you love me  but I know they're just words.  Say it like you mean it or don't say it at all.    I watch you sit down 
Speaking one's mind can be compared to the wind blowing away. If we spoke our minds, we would be judged anyway. Everyone can feel it but do they  understand?
Does the world care if it’s light or dark when the rain falls? Does the world care if it’s light or dark when the grounds quake? Does the world care if it’s light or dark when the plants die? No.  
What I say doesn’t matter. I’m 16 years old today. It’s true. Who cares what I have to say? Who cares just because I get good grades? My mind isn’t light, But it sure isn’t dark-
Long Way Written By: Greg Austin Jr. Inspired By: We Live As Kings – Long Way Down I wonder, how it feels?
Helpless, alone, forced into solitary. Confined from the best of humanity.   Fists, words flying, cutting, bruising my flesh, my mind, disfiguring my view of my own reflection.
Somewhere Out there There is Something much more Than life gives us now.
What do you see when you look upon the withering flower? Does it talk? If it did, would you listen? Its petals tell a story--  A not so distant past obscured by frondescence.
The directions are infinite: A compass without bounds.    My mind speaks to me Telling me to follow logic To follow the set conventions For straying is sure death. Yet my heart sings
Anger-a fickle emotion, really Effective and quite powerful when used correctly.
The line around you.Cloud of sunshine,buzzing bush. Brighter it grows as you glow and become whole.It's you! It's you! Don't you dare tell me truths,or lies, or goodbye,just don't SPEAK.
Somewhere in the big ''A'' A double "A", African "A" wearing his braids with his Jordans unlaced
Hand in hand for so long, the touch of their presence almost numb. The warmth channelled through their fingertips and palms calms the thoughts of done. Done trying so hard to hold them there. 
Maybe we are bent But maybe we are broken From the dramatic event All hell is unspoken   Maybe we can break loose
Tide rolls in you're sinking in These words you say you're not swimming in You're breathing out, you're breathing in, today All these words are complicated  You're saying goodbye before your hated
To know myself, and grow and give, to live the life, that's mine to live.   To speak the truth, and seize the day and be sure to let others have their say.  
skin rises in hills and valleys sweeping plains of cells, particles, atoms our dust speck floating, frolicking through the empty void and our skin is ALIVE
Knowledge is power as you sit in college for hours,The professors? They can be sweet or sour,It doesn't matter, they teach without seperation,They are just as driven as us to gain an education,
I've been thinking a lot about       a            d d i         c t    i o           n.  - A forbiddn word in my home.- The broken, mess it creates. //
I've passed
Desk, chair, paper, pencil, desk.Scratching on a clipboard what makes you
Why do people try to fix the problem without even knowing what's wrong? Why are we so hung up on progress that we can't accept that right now we're wrong. We want to get better, we do, I swear
Dreamers move their feet to their own beat But society discourages dreamers to dream  Singers to sing Beautiful minds to do what they love It is as plain to see as the sky above 
Thoughts always get jumbled up in the head. Some big or small, some filled with dread. They make us impulsive whether the result is good or bad. They make us regret decisions we've made, or miss the things we had.
EXOTIC and a space cadet. Can the mind control the way you act? Are your actions simply reactions controlled by reflexes developed in your mind? Regardless of the answers I am in control of my own destiny, right?
The more important things... The Future. With a capital F because it's something important to me. A job. Because I need to be able to provide for my future family.
To the ones who laughed, to the ones who mocked, to the ones who tore at the seams of my dreams - I pity you. To those who cut me down, bit by bit - I pity you.
It was never a question. Ever. I am a nerd. A nerd who loves to bake.
It’s been a long day, and I need to relax. My head is pounding, and all I want to do is scream. I’m too stressed out, and let’s face the facts, I just need to move, to dance, to let off some steam.
Was that stupid? Was that bitchy? Am I crazy? Should I have not said that? I wonder who’s still thinking about it. I am. I don’t think I should’ve said that. That was kind of rude.
Stored away deep inside lies, your emotion dwelling ever-lasting in eternity
The brave youth of the world, their courage is looked down upon. Are we not supposed to have a voice? "They're young" they say.  "They're ignorant." "They're fools at the least."
In only a time in which desires learning retreat until another day. Education
Come and Gone Written By: Faith Rushing     Oh, these ideas   That come and go   I need to keep up   or my brain might let them go!    
What happens when there is nothing left but darkness? What happens when your home is the only light you know? What happens when the doors are locked?   Do you sit waiting in the dark, 
In the wild, animals look after their own to survive. In society, we animals look after ourselves to thrive. Snatching what is put before us. Gluttonous, prideful creatures are we.
I think in words and I think in colors;In movements, and motions, and revolutions.I think in action-- not a moment before or after-- but in the moment and in the crash.
Who I was and who I am, have yet to meet who I will be. Don't force your books, don't force your ways, I will find myself,  just not today. My youth is gone, can't have it back, You took it when you said "grow up".
School can make you frustrated I should know It is hard to even concentrate because people can’t respect others who are actually working
If life was only simple, and i never got a pimple. I would open my own crossfit gym, and allow the world to to help him, be fitter the ever ad never say never.
I am not a number I am more.   I am a rhythm A clock Circadian A heart beat The music inside me I am a rhythm.   I am not a score I am more.  
At this point
The thing that makes me breath, The thing that means the most to me, Is family. I trust them for everything, With no doubt, I believe, My family means everything to me. They make me laugh,
Tick! The sound of my mind as the gears start to turn, But no one can hear it but myself. Tick! Each gear turning at its own pace, A different function each one has. Tick!
Dancing in the night, shimmering in the dark the candle glows and shines with swirls of scarlet and wisps of amber. Watch it flicker and twinkle like a graceful ballerina,
They crack me open like a book Saying the doctors want to take a look.
Did you know, that before Christopher Columbus discovered America it was covered with Indians? They ran around wearing groin cloths, and head dresses. They smoked out of tabacco pipes, and hunted buffalo. They made wigwams, tepees, even canoes.
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