Man they're so effective
As a poet, explaining what they do is my objective
Expressing and confessing my confessions
Words they change a person to a poet
Poetic beauty
Don't you see
A mystery unsolved
I'm word addicted they got me conflicted on who's in charge
Trying to stay realistic when my poet side goes ballistic
Ballistic ballistic
A the discovery of a new word
I'm a psycho-poet maniac
I can't be contained
I'll explain
I'm insane
I got words on the brain
I'm a dash of splattered paint don't compare me to a square
When I start writing, I'm a rated R nightmare
Words have my pen going in a non-stop motion
Writing smooth as lotion
I'm spitting some commotion
I'm mental
Words got me mentally unstable
Don't try me cause I'm telling you I don't fit in a label
I'm a pin point poet, words piece out my problems
I'm word crazy tell me where's the next asylum
A word judge you see, I keep the text in law and order
Defining law of words, I'm not afraid to cross the border
1,025,109.8 in the English language
A new word created every 98 minutes
14.7 words per day
You don't say
Actually I do
Words are what I'm married to
Our daughter is poetry and are son is haiku
Our grandchildren our songs and our step child is.....essays
That was a bad previous marriage
But all my children I cherish
Over 6,000 spoken languages in the world
6,000 ways to express my emotions
I'm happy

Estoy feliz


Ich bin froh

The list goes on

Two words added together making a new word
I'm a word smith, I shape and form my special craft
Forging with aphrophes welding every line
My crafts been molded into a unique design
14.7 words per day
You don't say I said I do
So create your yabba dabba doos and bibbidi bobbidi boos
A rap tap tap it's all you
You create and shape too
I'm just better at it
Words and I create poetry
Poetry speaks to me which means I speak to myself which is kind of crazy
But I mentioned that in the beginning
Words have a beginning but no end
Millions of possibilities 6,000 ways to say them
So many ways to express with words
Hip hoppers spitting bars
Jazzers skit skatten splatten songs
Country folk on Bangor singing about goats...or heart breaks and how their heart breaks
Goth and Emo expressing in scream- o
They're so effective
As a poet a poet, expressing what they do is my objective
1,025,109.8 in the English language
I just used 429 of them
That's 1,024,780.8 left in your hands


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