I Yearn


Although we advance
we live a lie,
in an engineered trance,
what dies is our minds
and although we have risen, now we must fall
that, is a given, we must learn to crawl

We create worlds that arent really there,
Taking us to a point where reality, we can no longer bear
We have lost the way, due to this technological romance,
You ask to speak my mind, so I will try to take a stance,
What I can and will say, I hope wont cause you dismay
But I yearn for the day when all the screens that glow will be dimmed,
I yearn for the hour when people will fully see their kin,
Their view no longer obscured by the phones they hold in hand,
I yearn for the time when technology is no longer manned,
I yearn for the minute when our surroundings are not just numbers,
but an unbiased vision, no longer composed of man and consumer,
Trading in our social weapons, that is the key
that is the rumor, its what we need.

Lets, get out and Explore!
Away from the greed and the gore,
I yearn for that one moment you will strive to seek real connection,
nothing more but real conviction.


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