Some Where in the USA (United States of Arrogance)


Somewhere in the big ''A''

A double "A", African "A" wearing his braids with his Jordans unlaced

Clean his behind with you opinons cause nothing you say

Gonna negate how he look to police.

They try to put him in his place or the place with the ''J''

where dogs strangle and some dangle all cause the angel "saw from the wrong angle"

Drowing down the innocent with shakles on both ankles

Just to hear the ignorant thank you.

quick to end you breathin for the season just dont give them reason dont flee them

that temporary freedom just might end with you bleeding

Im thinkin'

maybe if we stay low for a while

switch up the style

and everytime we see them give them a smile

"like nothing wrong over here sir

nothing under my shirt but just an undershirt.

I got a family back home and I cant get hurt.

Dont care about a profile or what you heard."

what am I worth in your eyes

no sympathy even when I cry bring joy to your eyes

and I cant imaine why..

we all average guys

go to the same sky when ever our skin dry

bad deeds around our neck so we all got our sins tied.

I think the devils out to get me

A double "A'', African "A"

The cops dont get me.

They move swiftly

probably 50

in the neighborhood to hop on one of us in a jiffy!

stay on your toes be cautious homie you living with monsters

heartless in apartment where figures kill with no conscince

where fate is INEVITABLE!

but you cant be to skepticle

see the world in a new veiw

change the lens on your specticles

but the man he gon` mess with you like

 mess with you like....

"work nigga nigga

work nigga nigga work!"


"work nigga nigga

work nigga nigga work!!"





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