Black and White

What is human existence?
Is it to pronounce our unfathomable desires in a rush of uncertainty?
Is it to comply with mainstream understandings and the sickening wave of honest lies? 
The persistent callings of what's right and wrong and who to trust and who to distrust. 
The never-ending emotional disturbances as we watch people live and die as so many don't take a second glance. 
Is this what we were created for?
Are we suppose to turn the cheek to what we've been told isn't normal? Turn away from what has been engrained as societal wrongs? 
But why?
Why must it seem like the impossible dream to stand out in humanity and follow the logic that you understand best?
The chains of black and white humanity need no longer imprison us to their rules and regulations.
Besides, where's the fun in black and white?


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