Death by feelings


You're a distinctive memory


faster now

and this is me


out, willing to surrender if you'd just hold me

once again. 

I walked away frustrated, but with my heart on my


Please listen to me and 


when I say all I wanted was to be chased and to receive a declaration of 

your burning love for me.


Your eyes and their ability to captivate me. 

Your laugh and its ability to motivate me. 

Your smile, my humble melody. 



can't we..


aren't we..


I still feel the warmth of your arms..

Your subtle touch..

Falling was so painfully



So in love, it's pathetic

So desperate, it's tragic

Can't fake a smile, I've lost all strength.. 

grasping onto the rope called faith


You make things blurry,

make love seem dirty..

illusional and fatal. 

You built me a diversion of your love while changing your mind on what you yearn for

and yet, so very sweetly, you make the gut wrenching pain go away. 


Why didn't you stay... 

You should have stayed.. 

Come, please, and stay. 


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