The CrossRoads


United States
32° 18' 42.5376" N, 97° 9' 26.9208" W
United States
32° 18' 42.5376" N, 97° 9' 26.9208" W

My life has always been quided by my mother

With loving hands she directed me to saftey

Each wrong turn came with a lecture, but always ended with love

My mother is a gift from above

Our journey has not always been easy and we have had our share of pot holes

But I have always reached my goals

Lately, I have noticed my mother walks beside me a little less

Ask me questions " What do you think is best"

She tells me in transitioning from girl to woman, and now its time for me to come up with a plan

Because she can no longer hold my hand


So.... now Im at the cross road

She no longer walks beside me at much

And her loving hand no longer quides me as much

But every decision I make I can feel her presence

And I will never forget her lessons as i take the first step onto the cross road


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