I've passed through the calm 
Sweat dribbling my palm 
I'm losing it 
I'm losing all of it 

Nothing makes sense anymore 
I don't know what to do 
My mind has become unhinged 
The edges of my heart, singed 

The shores wash away 
All the words I have to say 
I need help 
I don't want help 

All reality slips away 
Only a mad world 
For me to play 
In the depths of my insanity 

Nothing matters 
And I don't care 
I'll laugh my *ss off 
So I can get by 

I will not talk about it 
It's only a bottomless pit 
Just a deep abyss 
Taking me along with it 

I don't know what's real in this world 
I have no more sanity 
Standing at the edge of the precipice 
I jump off 

I fall over the edge 
Laughing maniacally in my head 
Everything around me is dead 
In the rotting fields of my dread 

My mind is gone 
Missed, but not dismissed 
It got up and left 
Taking my sanity as its theft 

I've passed through the calm 
Sweat dribbling in my palm 
I'm losing it 
No...I've already lost it  


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