From Start to Finish


Hand in hand for so long, the touch of their presence almost numb.

The warmth channelled through their fingertips and palms calms the thoughts of done.

Done trying so hard to hold them there. 

Done worrying about who wants them to share, but still they come first.

To be selfish, to be kind, their hands are still in theirs.

Two rings to prove neither would lose the one that wore the other of the pair. 

From the first time their hands met, the grip they held helped them not to forget.

Everything felt perfect, but too good to be true, and for some reason the grip weakened between the two. 

And here they are sitting close as can be, trying to find the strength that combined them so strongly.

Now cold hand in cold hand of nervousness and fright.

The sinking feeling of the heart keeps them up through the night.

To stay together they vowed taking an unexpected turn.

A new vow to undo the old sounds too unbearable to learn.

To be together or apart it takes two brains and two hearts.

No one can do it alone because it took two to start.


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