What happens when there is nothing left but darkness?

What happens when your home is the only light you know?

What happens when the doors are locked?


Do you sit waiting in the dark, 

waiting for someone to open the door?

Waiting for what you know to be hours in the most fearful

The most unimaginable place, alone. 

Or do you persist. 


Do you break down the door, smash the windows that keep you out.

Do you risk the looks and snickers from everyone in the house. 

Of course you might seem crazy, but how do you let yourself sit in the dark. 


You flip the switch. 

You look around your kitchen seeing the floor filled with crumbs,

a trail of someone before you, not being judged. 

But of course you will be, you will be, because they pray you fail. 

But you have the light now. 


You can see all of the scuffs and scraps.

You can see the shadows lurking around the each corner,

ready to catch your foot and watch you fall silently. 


You see these imperfections, but you dont judge them 

as they do you. 

You simply let them be. 

If only those imperfections knew what darkness hid around them.



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