The Unknown


As a high school student, I tight-roped between per-pressure and a need for perfection.

Only to fall into, what feels like, a never ending rabbit hole of anxiety.


“Be an intelligent student in middle school to be in honor classes in high school.”

“Be an active student in high school to get a full-ride for college.”

“Be successful in college, to have a successful career.”


Every rule book and to-do list etched and sketched I followed to a T, but still managed to fuck up the first two without even being given a proper fight.

With senior graduation a week away, I crawl under my rock, licking my wounds, wondering if college will be more forgiving or the last straw that breaks me.

And as much as I want to stay nestled under my safety burrow, my mind can't stop itching.

Ticking constantly with thoughts of 'what if '.


“ I know middle school destroyed my self-esteem, but what if in college, I could rebuild it?”

“ I know most of my high school teachers didn't care enough to teach, but what if my college professors are different?”

“ I know I worry about paying college tuition to the point that I don't want to attend, but what if I win a scholarship? What if I go to college and become successful enough to take care of myself and my family?”


As much as I want to flea from my fear of failure, I turn to face it in my rusty armor.

Hoping this battle will be my last as I optimistically charge towards the unknown.   



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