The Lagoon

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 21:52 -- Idael_C


The waters a stagnant mud

A soup of primeval beings--I am engulfed in them

They swivel past my body, they curve around my limbs, soul searching for the entrance

These rivers, these streams, what truly manifests these waters are cladestine

As I travel deeper, the liquid oozes in foam--the memories flood

The crystal azure waters, the lushes palms and payprus, flood into oblivion

Palms twist in disorted angles, fingers cascade from them, creeping closer to my neck

Payprus cling to the last root, hugging the last speck of dirt--holding on to me

My frail body startles up, reaching to the skies

I am at crossroads, a land between mirrors--looking both directions I am snatched

To the present


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