How Do You Like Me Now?

You can call me quiet,

but inside you don't really know.

All the thoughts are swarming,

they are out of my control. 

You have done your best to bring me down,

but look where I am standing now. 

While I grow more and more each day,

you stay stuck in those games you play.

And you didn't break my heart in half, 

it's still in one piece.

I'm not hurt by what you said,

I don't care what you mean.

For all you nay sayers and doubters,

I believe that I will succeed.

That's all the really matters,

my own opinon of me.

In the end it's what i'm left with, 

and whose thoughts that matter most,

for it is what i hear each day, 

my own thoughts haunt me like a ghost.

So I stay postive and strong,

not to only to prove you all wrong,

but to make the best of my days

and to share with others my new ways.


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