For All The Tiny Ones

When you first look at me you notice how tiny I am
What is she, like 12?
Nope, I'm 19 and only 5 feet (minus 1) tall
Small waist, obviously
Only weigh 90 something pounds
And oh, have been officially inducted into the Itty Bitty Titty Committee
And the media says that being skinny is winning
and you ought to be proud!
This is not so bad until
filling out your shirts and dresses becomes your main concern
and hearing your guy friends gawk at those who are naturally endowed
Oooo, look at her titties!
Oooo, look at that ass! She got the cake, bruh!
Then staring at your naked reflection makes you self-conscious.
About 53% of American girls are unhappy with their bodies by age 13
and by the time they are 17 that number increases to 78%
But why wouldn't we anyway
when men only dream about the Nickis and Kims
because of their (fake) fat asses and breasts
and Sir Mix-A-Lot encourages the idolizing of big butts
He likes them and he cannot lie
So when we look in the mirror we are dissatisfied with what we see
dissecting every inch of our smallness 
imagining what isn't there
so we turn to Google for some advice only to find that 
either we become pregnant 
or go under the knife 
or try to eat everything in sight
so instead we buy extra padded bras and butt busters
and God forbid a guy uncovers the ugly truth
But come on, just like thick girls we're gorgeous too!
So this is for the girls who wish they were bigger
because they've never been told that being small is sexy
But a guy who falls in love with who you are first
Will love every single inch of your petite frame
And let's just be honest:
The best things do come in the smallest packages.




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