Tue, 05/13/2014 - 23:35 -- Emileee

A blank stare into that reflective deception 

Where all you can see is cracks and faded lines

Where nothing but flaws show

Where nothing but hatred is being presented and thought into that reflective deception.

Is it worth it? All the happiness it takes away from you,all the lies,all the bitter whispers it feeds you?

Your eyes are being fed lies 

While you take time to put that paintbrush to your face and paint a layer of happiness on while your underneath is crying black

While you take time to tone your body just to please all these lies that are whispered into your ear while you stare

While you take time just to look good for someone who might not even care.

Is it worth it? All your happiness that fades away while you look and see nothing but what lies have been fed to you?

Is it worth it? To see yourself in that reflection and only hate what you see?

That's what society wants you to think.

It wants you to think you're not good enough for that good reflection.

They say you have to be this and that, but you don't!

You can be who you are!

You don't have to drag that paintbrush across your face just to get someone to notice you.

You don't have to paint a layer of lies just so that no one can see the real you.

You don't have to show what your strength can do.

All you have to show is the real you.



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