I am told there is a power on earth that is greater.
But whom do I bow down to?
I? Myself? Me? You? Yourself?
No , we are too foolish, we even fool ourselves when we’re not looking.
Do I bow to a president?
A lover?
A fighter?
My mother?
My father?
My mind?
My soul?
My family?
Others who peer through the window that is only a reflection of my illusions?
My illusions?
No, my friend if a greater place and being lives it is not here on earth.
If one so great lived with you and I they would go mad.
They would be saddened by our choices
Our reflections.
And when confronted with such distain
A shrug would be the only answer given in reply
But what if the being itself is on earth and the only problem about this being is it
Happens to be
The mirror you’re looking in.
Your illusions are gone
Your friends, your family, your job, your life has been stripped
And you are born new and exposed to this thing looking back at you.
My friend that is you.
This is you.


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