Success for those who aren't the greatest

Thu, 05/01/2014 - 17:32 -- pitaaav


Middle class, two parents, average grades, no life changing experiences.

How do i become successful in a community where grades, family, ethnicity and money matter most?  They've taught us to be different, but different how? 

I'm stuck in the middle. my life is average, i am average, and nothing makes me stand out because i have two parents, I have average grades, and I am just a middle class person with the same dreams everyone else has: 


But to those that success means money and being at the top, they've already got their way in. 

Being average is having insecurities. Im not the worst, but im not the best. 

so what do i do?

Why cant anyone see that I'm different, im not average. Im not like you and you're not like me.

Equality is for those who arent charged with the difficulties that comes with fighting for equality. 

Being raised in a good household, just the typical american family. 

Except I'm not American. I'm mexican and the struggles I hold are different than those of other households. 

I'm too ordinary for rewards, but I'm finding my way to reach success.

My success. 

When will i get there? i dont know. but i dont care. getting there is what matters. 

sleepless nights, empty days. moneyless months, starving weeks.100k debt. whatever it takes to get there. 

To feel as though I am no longer ordinary. to feel as though I have created myself and am proud of myself. 

because in the end, what matters is the emotions felt, the days appreciated; and i appreciate every single one.

how will you get to the top?


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