Every Day, Independence Day

Wed, 05/14/2014 - 18:10 -- K2323

Oh, how I wish

Each day we'd be


Sweet liberty


Oh, how I love

The fourth of July

The red, white, and blue

The flag flying high


How we forget

Our history

Jefferson, Ben,

Grant, Lincoln, Lee


What would they do

What would they say

If they saw us

Saw life today


Is this the dream?

Are we now free?

Is this why they fought?

So our children could be


Left behind by

Our failing schools?

Given false hope

By suit-wearing fools?


Did our soldiers

Fight so mere men

Could dictate how,

What, why, and when?


Did they fight for

Our national debt?

Is that why our

Widows have wept?


No, I submit

To you today

Our soldiers fought

For liberty


Our soldiers fought

For us to be free

To live our lives

Without tyranny


They fought for our

Children to be

Able to grow

And live life debt-free


They fought because our

Flag is more than

A mere piece of cloth

The flag is this land


The American Dream

That brought them all here

I love that I can

Live without fear


That's why to me

July The Fourth

Is more than a day

To launch bright fireworks


And yes, I do dream

That I could say

Every day was

Independence Day


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