Progression, to What?


Going, going, going, gone

Forever stuck between right and wrong

There are no rules, when it is up to you

When thinking of yourself is what to do


The earth, the world, I don’t consider It ours

Though many already have

It is uniquely special, one of kind, surviving through thick and thin

The earth is able to remain stable so why can’t humans do the same?

We have wars and poor and plenty more

Problem’s that can’t be contained

We lack a mission a common ambition a goal for all human kind

We do this, we do that, issues fall through the cracks and many are left behind

We need a solution a system of sorts much like the one of planet earth

Where everything has a purpose or part

With its beautiful disasters that turn into life and benefits for all are kept in mind

Balance is key and there are no extremes

Just think!  What a place this could be


Humans have strayed from where we once came and forgot that our roots are in the land

We have lost touch with far too much and have made a fool of man

There is no us, just you and me

With winning being the most important thing

What is the good?

Where is the help?

This is what happens when the goal is wealth

Lots of ideas that don’t do a thing to address even the lesser relevant things


So, here I am, stuck once again between my thoughts and the world today

Ideas are good, innovation and success are too

Then why do I feel this way?

Where would we be without the things that we need

The gadgets and comforts of today?

But is it selfish of me, to want people to be, and to do the best that they can?

To think of others as their sisters and brothers and not as lesser than's

I am not saying to stop dreaming and wanting, just know you are not the only one


What’s good or bad, when it comes to achievement is difficult for me to say

I just know my thoughts go far beyond me, you, and today.



this poem is a reflection of how insee the world. I know that we have accomplished a lot of things, beaten world records, technology advances and built things. I also know therebis a trend of wanting to be rich, famous, powerful etc. my question is what are you, pr we going to do with that. I think theres are greater goals that should be equally strived for.

so yes we have made plenty of progress but where is that getting us?

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