Soft Call Of England


The greyness, gentle.
Rolling greens and, clouds.
Pale blue or bright. Shining.
In light. Or? Possibly.

Shadows, Calling out.
Smokey grey. Sun. Pale
yellow. Tall buildings. Or 
small. Pubs with laughter.

Sadness. Bitterness. 
Illusions. Softness.
Of fog. Slowly. Silently.
Covering. Hiding. Moist.

Fog of soft. Touches. 
Small rivers. Cold. Icy.
Low brick walls. Balancing,
school. Sessions. Brains.

No judgment. Innocence.
Quiet wonders. Fresh takes.
Airplanes. Over the
sea. So high. Wonder. In the 

clouds. "Can I open the 
window?" Children. 
Landing.. Rain smells not
the same... Different

people, talking strange.
Family. Familiar. Distant
memories. Spider webs of 
dreams. New memories. And 

new visions. New songs. But 
always. The fog. Always,
the memory. Always. Always the
silence of the thickness. Of fog.
                                                                 The. Soft Call. Of England.


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