Living in a culture that’s all make believe

One big lie and contradiction to be free

Really everyone’s trying to stick a square peg into a round hole

Glamorizing girls sticking fingers down their throats

Love who you are and accept your body, but don’t be more than a size nine

Taught that no one will ever love this body of mine

Drinking, eating, binging, purging

Am I enough yet?

Measuring, counting, weighing, mutilation

Am I enough yet?

Never says the beast, only silly girls would believe they are free

Caught in its labyrinth with no escape

Surrounded by mirrors in the shape of this face

Slamming on its reflection to let the demon be freed

When really the monster is inside of me

It’s made of the shards of a broken little girl… who swore she’d never be this weak

Except her mind has been was warped by the ideas of men

Honey you can’t be a size ten.

But who made these standards?

Who the hell has the right to tell me who to be?

No one.

No one except me.

I will not see another girl tread the valley of tears

Hiding her red badge of courage for so many years

I’m taking a stand against the monster that made me

You don’t control me anymore,

I am free. 


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