Anxiety Takes The Wheel

Was that stupid?

Was that bitchy?

Am I crazy?

Should I have not said that?

I wonder who’s still thinking about it.

I am.

I don’t think I should’ve said that.

That was kind of rude.

But it was the truth!

That’s right.

I was just being honest.

Honesty is good.

It’s a good quality to have!

That means they can trust me.

So that’s good.

But they probably don’t care if they can trust me.

‘Cause that was weird.

I made them feel uncomfortable.

I’m embarrassed.

Is my face getting red?

Definitely is.

Oh look, I’m starting to get hives again!

That’s great.

It’s so warm in here.


But I hate this top;

My fat roles need to be monitored in it.

I guess I’ll keep my coat on.

I mean, I guess it depends.

What did I eat today?

I should write this down.


Cereal... a banana…

A salad… a slice of pizza…

An apple… some peanut butter…

Some chocolate cake…


Can’t take the coat off.

It’s bad enough that my legs are fat.

I wonder if they think I’m fat, too.

Maybe that’s what makes me weird.

No, I just yelled that thing.

That was so stupid.

When is this gonna be over?

Thank God, I’m going home tomorrow!

I don’t want to be here anymore.

I’m ready for summer.

I can’t wait to drive my car;

With my sunroof open;

And the music blasting!


That’ll be nice.

I definitely want to make time to read that book, too.

The Power of Now.

That’s it.

I definitely want to read it.

Apparently it will help with my anxiety.

I really do need help.

I just can’t make the time to see someone.

Especially since I’m so damn busy with this crap.

Maybe the book will make me better;

As “better” as I possibly could be,


You can’t fix this.

I don’t know why my parents don’t understand that.

I don’t know why they can’t just support me.

And help me.

All I want is to think happy thoughts.

But everything makes me so angry.

And bitchy.

God, I can be such a bitch.

That really was bitchy what I said.

Sort of.

It was honesty.

Honesty is good.



No guilt.

It’s fine.

No one’s even thinking about it anymore.


I really gotta stop this.

Good thoughts, Alexis,

Good thoughts.


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