The Girl Who Survived

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 16:30 -- ags1024


Eyes so bright

A smile so real.

Covers up the unhealed.

Her wrists adorned

With healed and unhealed scars.

When the sun goes down

She falls apart.

Drowning in her tears.

When she looks in the mirror

She hates what she sees.

Too fat. She thinks.

She hasn’t eaten

So she can get to that size.

Then I’ll be happy she says with a sigh.

One month later she can’t stand the sight

of her ribs sticking out

and the cuts on her wrist.

She thinks I am better than this.

So she throws out her scissors

And the needle she used

To cut and to harm.

She started to eat

Little by little

Until she sees a very welcoming sight.

Her arms had scars

But no new ones to hide

And her ribs didn’t stick out

Of either of her sides.

Society tried killing her

But she somehow survived.



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