The World Around Me


Sometimes I wish I can get away from it all,

I barely speak because when I speak it does not sound right,

But I wonder if I write it on paper will it sound right,

My mind is not right you see,

I take ten steps forward to take twenty steps back,

And when I try to move forward it is like my evil twin is on my back,

Bringing things back to my rememberance,

Feels like I am drowning and can not get up for air,

Wait stop,

My mind is constantly going like a time clock,

Like monopoly should I stop or just go past go,

But wait,

Let me think straight before I lose myself,

People can not cope the pain so they bruise themselves,

Because the lack of loyalty and justice makes people look afflicted,

Are you getting this?

Peoples morals are changing,

Hearts are breaking,

People going on and on about the samething but nothing is changing,

It is just the same old thing,

When they talk about life it is like the same old game,

They are going through different obstacles experiencing the same old pain,

But do you think it is a shame on how bad the world changed?

People can not even talk to you and give you their real names?

How one person can contribute to more than one mans pain?

Four walls starting to close in on me,

Feels like I am running out of time to speak,

But I will end it short before my eyes leak.


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