(de)Fine Line That Drew You

The line around you.
Cloud of sunshine,
buzzing bush. 
Brighter it grows 
as you glow and become whole.
It's you! It's you! 
Don't you dare tell me truths,
or lies, or goodbye,
just don't SPEAK.
You are be, you are is, 
you are free.

The line that you drew.
Encompass the wholeness,
the newness of you.
Form a  form to caress,
to hold years penned in wonder,
built of confident seeking.
The valleys you pondered,
now sweet memories, darling.
My light holds yours,
and gently we behold,
my joy in your you.

The line around you.
The (de)fine line that you drew,
sweet sound of finding,
lends hands to those like you.
Souls yet to find their you.
My being shares your new,
ponders your greatness,
fills my mind with those like you.
Find you and draw you,
Spill sunshine, not sad you.
Glorious light-line, your whole you.



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