Conforming to Society?


The world is full of many people,

each one is unique and beautiful.

Still here we stand facing a world where Skinny is the image.

I ask myself "What are you?" when I look in the mirror.

I look and see a plus size young woman,

I see what the world says is ugly.

"Look at you, go run and hide no one wants to see your face."

Words are words my mother says,

yet here I stand with tears on my face.

So I try and try to lose the weight,

but get a slap in my face.

Nothing works and hope is lost,

a sadness takes place its place.

"Stand up!"

"Shout out!"

"I know you hear these words"

Young women I hear you cryin,

for I know your pain.

We conform to a society that has no true name.

Listen to these words and throw away your shame!

You are a beautiful woman and the words they speak are a lie.

Society can not hold me any more.

The words of hate stop here and now for I refuse to listen.

I am a plus sized woman who is beautiful and fierce.

I am what I make myself and not what I hear.

Stand strong and Proud and Fight!

My body and mind are my own.



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