In the wild, animals look after their own to survive.

In society, we animals look after ourselves to thrive.

Snatching what is put before us.

Gluttonous, prideful creatures are we.

Up to our elbows in security, health and well being yet, we fuss.

Parading around like Gods and Goddesses or so it seems.

Through time we took what we thought to be beneficial to us.

Manipulation, deceit, and scrutiny are thought to be great ways to build trust.

Examples of selfishness are everywhere, in both the past and present.

From the Trail of Tears to the savagery of the business industry,

The time put in is thought of to be time well spent.

Acts of selfishness are said to bring to the selfish ones, fertility.

Happiness and glory is what we strive for.

Forever longing to be admired and adored.

To be at the pinnacle of success,

Even at others’ expense.

We are selfish, it’s sad but true.

Hopefully the words of truth will seep through. 


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