Sun, 05/04/2014 - 13:11 -- bmart03


What did he say? They ask.

A question I always get asked when he proudly speaks of his toys

Transformers, power rangers, animated movies

He can’t stop himself.


Is he paying attention? They ask.

He is looking somewhere else.

He hears you, he forgot to mention.

He just doesn’t respond.


Does he have friends? They ask.

Boy scout and honor society member

He holds intelligence but ignores the latest trends

He is a sixteen year old boy.


“Did you see the wings on that beautiful butterfly?” He asks.

He loves animals

He notices the beauty in life

Did you see that butterfly?


He speaks.

He listens.

He sees.


He is my brother.

He has Autism.

He is amazing.

He is extraordinarily different in a society that wants to blend in with one another.


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