I carry your name without knowing your face, but before your spirit flies away

Grant me one last dance with this angel.

Let Celia and Tito and Ray move us in a way that words cannot explain, until our bodies ache

I heard that before you died you had your heart stolen and then broken.

Depressed and stuck in bed, Maria, did you even try? Or was the pain weighing you down just a little too much? 

What killed you more: the disease or the heartache? 

Foolish was the man who played with your love like a toy from the dollar store, disregarding all its value and beauty

When it should have been held in his hands like a mother holding the newborn life she brought into the world.

Tia, I bet your love was grand and despite all your strength, I bet your love was fragile

Because love is fragile, and the heart is fragile.

It's the SOUL that's strong and Maria,

Your soul lives on.

Altough I don't know your face, I carry a name that represents the pieces of you that will never die, so long as I live,

You still live

And one day you will love again.

This time around, no man will take what we got to offer for granted.

This time around , our hearts will be gaurded and our eyes vigilant

Like soldiers we'll stand tall and won't back down to anyone who tries to break us.

If we have to - we'll fight but won't ever lose sight of the hope that things will get better and we will never accept anything less than what GOD values us to be

Because Tia, you see,

You've been given a second chance.

So may I have the pleasure of one last dance with you

Before it's time for me to dance with him?


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