The Breach To Eternity


Miles of prosperity lie before us;

Attentive words of devotion

Tangle into the minds of

The mirthful.

Happiness fills

Every breach within me

When your presence is near.


Reality sets in; the

Abyss of my heart

Yielding my love to you.


My vitality depends on you alone;

Exhilaration increases at the thought of forever.

Jovial memories of the past

Influence the premises of our future.

Abiding love


Willfully exceeding

In every aspect of accordance with myself.

Longing to be seen,

Longing to be held.


You are my

Only dream; an

Unending dream at that.


Convinced we will last

Ongoing challenges and doubts.

Merciful boy, I hope to be yours;


Out and about in our own little world.

Reason being to bond and create

This unbreakable chain.


My dreams are yours to

Encounter with a


Flaming heart.

Our worlds joined as one;



To the extent of our

Hearts combining for an

Eternity to come.


Roses fall;

Evergreen trees die out;
Streetlights faint;
Tulips frown.


Only our love prevails

Full of potential, full of life.


My novelette future lies before me,

Your presence fills its pages.


Lying here thinking only of you

In a dimension of our own;

Full of life, full of




No questions; simply staring into your

Deep, pure,





My yearning for you prevails,

Increasing as the seconds pass us by.

Nothing can stop this infatuation I feel for you.

Endless tears of joy


For the rest

Of our lives. Curiosity for our future as a couple

Reinforces my desires.


As I focus on your heart and mine,

Nothing else seems to matter.


Everything about you cries

To my senses.

Everything inside is telling me that I’m  

Ready to pass this rubicon in my life.

Nothing would suit me better than to spend the rest of my life with you

In this perfect world of our own.

Together forever,

You are mine and I am yours.


Trembling as your sweet, soft lips touch mine.

Off somewhere in my mind,


Curiosity seeks

Out the reason for

My trembles.

Every act I do is for you




I really enjoy your poems, they are very passionate and can tell they come from your heart and feelings...I love both of them...and thank you for the comment!


Thank you! That means a lot to me. 

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