Smart Decisions

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 00:37 -- MicMaw

How am I supposed to make all these choices

with all these other voices

its poison, its so damn annoying

these noises are making me poised to

Go crazy, ya I’m insane see

that’s just what happened to me

when everyone’s telling me what I have to be

I thought this was my life, but how am I supposed to live it

If all you other people won’t let me find my own limit

when you’re just following orders it ain’t really your own life, is it?

maybe its time for everyone to mind their own damn business

What is this? I’m missing everything that I didn’t

get the chance to do, cuz I listened to all of you

No more, this is my life and I’ll live how I want to

I’m gonna stand as my own man, and for once choose

To be myself, I don’t need any of your help

see in my mind it’s just me and nobody else

There comes a time when you should only listen

to yourself and make your own smart decisions

I remember back in high school

Everyone’s telling me I should do this and that and

see what happens

It drove me crazy, that’s when I started rapping

I didn’t feel like I had many options

like I was always on the clock and

I never had the chance to slow down and stop it

When everything was happening so fast

Yeah I could have run D-One track

But that’s a thing of the past

and I ain’t looking back

Ya I had fun while I was doing it

so why would I want to ruin it

I need to find a different point of view in this life

and believe me I tried

I tried to change who I was

and I did this because

Apparently I wasn’t good enough

for you, and you, and yep you guessed it, him too

I guess I failed with everything that I’d do

Sorry dad, that I’m not your spitting image

I’m just so tired of all this fitting in shit

Ya I was never the guy that was so popular

I was just the guy that had the future on top of ya

Yeah, the truth hurts, don’t it

I know it, and maybe it makes you lonely

and you don’t even know how to show it

Truth hurts bad, right in the face it hit ya

you’re stuck in your own skin, and it don’t fit ya

Only two or three people know the shit that I’ve been through

and how even after all this time, I never got into

Doing stupid shit that I knew I would regret

Cuz in my life I know the best has yet to come...


Ever get so angry you don’t know what to say

You’re just staring at nothing and your eyes go blank

So focused on something that you don’t even blink

Your mind is empty, you don’t even know what to think

Yeah, that was pretty much my life three to five days a week

Yeah, there ain’t anyone alive that could understand me

Not even me, I never came close to see

Maybe that’s good, a journey that will lead me to succeed

In my thoughts, I hold onto the anger when it happens

In my mind, I’m a stranger, that’s why I started rapping

It’s comforting, I view it as a release

it’s my music, and it’s as true as it can be

Ok, now all of you know a little bit about me

I say this loudly, and I say it proudly

At this point, I don’t have anything to hide

Why lie, we all have a bit of that dark side

Thing is yours is probably a little different than mine

You don’t know how to release it, so you just wine

I let all this shit gather in my mind

And with that I write my thoughts and I make them rhyme

I know I complain about it, I’m ashamed about it

But man, I don’t view my past as wasted years

Why would I when they’ve taken me here

I’m at one of the best universities on earth

It’s carnegie mellon if you haven’t heard

Any award it gets, I can tell you it deserves

with a degree from here a bright future is assured

So I’m gonna milk it for everything that it’s worth

Cuz being here has been like a rebirth

I’ve been able to find my two true passions

So I’ll go with those and I’ll tell you what happens

Ain’t like those other folks that are just getting trashed and

In four years gonna find themselves crashing

No, I’ve made some good choices

Ever since I blocked out all those other voices

This is the life that I always wanted to lead

and nobody can see that path better than me

I’m going to work until I’m at the top of the game

Keep going until everybody knows my name

Reach that fame where nobody sees me the same

Even then, will you still think that I’m insane?

So thanks to all of you that have listened

I hope you found a part of you that you were missing

I’m on the path to the life that I envisioned

Thanks Mic, for all your smart decisions



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