Little warrior

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 19:46 -- Lblanco

Before I knew you I knew i didn't want one of you

before I knew you I knew I didn't have a clue

once we decided to make you I knew I would love you

once we made you I already loved you

although you made it rough for me

i knew you would always be

the one to make me love so happily

i watch you now after you came before time

youve grown so big and strong it should be a crime

youve come so far in all this year

your very first word, music to my ear

your life has just begun but I hope to show you one

maybe many but at least show you that you've won

giving you a reason to let you know that you can

that you have a better purpose here than to be a fan

to show you have a better purpose a better course

That using intelligence is better than force

one day you'll understand me one day you'll know

the day you understand me is the day youll truly grow


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