Fri, 04/25/2014 - 23:26 -- Gubrel


Thoughts always get jumbled up in the head.

Some big or small, some filled with dread.

They make us impulsive whether the result is good or bad.

They make us regret decisions we've made, or miss the things we had.

Often we get lost in our thoughts, lost out at sea.

Torn between what's fake and what's reality.

Thoughts can be fueled by one's self or by others.

They can make or break you, consume you, smother.

Thoughts are often not shared for fear of what others may think.

So they're held in as the condifence continues to shrink and shrink.

Thoughts are a private entity that only owner's should share,

They can cause life or death, everyone should beware.

Thoughts can be so beautiful, so wonderful, and tall,

Yet they can easily become dark and seem to make life fall.

Thoughts can be thought of as seedlings or tiny strings,

But when they begin to manifest they turn into powerful things.

So it would be prudent to think thoughts of emopowerment, beauty, and think them with extreme finesse, 

Because good thoughts are often the key to great success. 




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