A Day Dream Outside


I am sitting outside as the day goes by,

I look up and see a bird in the sky!

She’s flying and singing and chirping along,

It’s just so beautiful, and it sounds like a song.


I turn around and see a squirrel in the tree,

To my surprise he’s looking back at me.

He’s brown and gray, and looks so small,

He makes me look like a giant, so pale and so tall.


The bugs are so annoying I swat them away,

They just keep bothering me and swing and sway.

They’re buzzing and flying right by my side,

Now there are so many, I’m surprised they don’t collide!


CLANK! CLANK! I hear a noise, what could that be?

I look up, and see a woodpecker in the tree!

He’s picking and knocking and making so much noise,

He’s three pretty colors, black, red, and turquoise!


So the day is almost over and the sun is going down,

The moon is coming up and brightening up the town.

The stars are coming soon, so white and so bright,

They are gleaming with beauty and florescent light.


The stars are now out and I decide to go inside,

I get in the door and turn around to look outside.

The moon is out; the stars look so far away

I think of all the animals I saw in my imagination that day!



I love animals and growing up as a kid all I knew was imagination :) Hope you like it!

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