Are You Out There God?

Mon, 05/12/2014 - 22:58 -- desigre

Are you out thier god because i need to know 
So i can stop feeling so alone
Im drowning in my tears i cry up to my knees
If your out there god send help please

You tantlize me by not answering when i call
It makes me wonder are you out there at all
Or are you just a fairy tale that out parents tell us
So we can find someone somewhere to put all our trust

Are you a brigand in the night
Are you an angel who comes to shine a light
Do you come to admonish all the opionated souls
Uppon the fear they should behold 
Of the breach between heaven and hell
Are you a figment of our imigination our brain locked in a cell

It hurts me not knowing who you are 
I dont think your very near because you seem so far
Though each day is agony, they'll never see me cry
I just take a shovel and dig a grave for the pain i have inside
Nope never a frown; always a smile 
Makes you think i enjoy life when im dreading it all the while....

The clouds make me imagine you're walking on feathers in the sky
I look at the rain and wonder are they your tears when you cry
Do you hurt like i hurt do you feel my pain 
Do you hear me crying out to you do you understand my shame
I am still but a child so i do not know the odds 
So im asking myself and maybe you ARE YOU OUT THERE GOD?


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