Rhythm of the World


The footsteps that closely follow                                            

The intricate workings of my mind                                          

A powerful, yet subtle melody                                                  

Always close to find                                                                    


I live in a world of black and white

Prior to the music surrounding me

Leaving me priceless

The door unlocked when I could never find the key


Each step in rhythm with the beat

Swallowing synonyms like a Cinnabon

Embracing each word like a relative 

Hearing the familiar voices makes me feel like someone   


The troubles that hauntingly follow my path

The insecurities that ravenously eat my brain 

Seamlessly lift away

And wash away with the rain


I’m a crumpled up piece of paper

I am the kid you should worry about

When I feel like I don’t belong

A song finds me and rids of my doubt


I fall into a pattern of sound

More welcoming than my own home

Escaping this reality

Where I’m free to roam 


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