Discrimination we all live in

blacks or white

gay or straight

why do we discriminate ?

love each other but judge on their behalf

i dont understand

why the discrimination

LGBT stand together as one

the straights come as one

blacks and white

please reunite

flip the script

you have minorities to deal with

keep out , make a deal to all be together

forget the blacks being lynched

and the whites being masters

lets live as one

why judge by the color of our skins

whites still killing blacks but do the cops care

they dont judge on the size of their guns

young youths dying, innocent run

a pack of skittles is not a weapon

getting away with crimes

but walking around society as a dead man

back to society is school doing anything

judged by your gpa but not by the content of your mind

judged by media

but still viewed as a leader

too cool for school

but cant last one period

take it serious

come together

help our fellow brothers and sisters

make the world united, together as one

we can prevail together, and chase the sun

combine our dreams

show all our sights

we can make a change, with all our might.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you write to live

you live to write

let your voice be heard


Thank you, I just love to express myself.

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