You try to paint me in a mold,

Label me heartless, rash, stubborn, cold.

But you can’t see inside my walls.

No, you don’t see what I am at all.


You can’t see me on the inside.

You can’t read the words I hide.

All the things I’ve never deserved,

All the things you’ve never heard

Prove I am not what you think me to be,

I’m not the words you’ve labeled me--

Heartless, rash, stubborn, cold.

Because within the things that I withhold,

The losses that have gone untold,

Within the cataclysm of my distress,

Beneath the mess,

Your hollow guess is meaningless to me.

Because I’m not the me you see.


So I built up my walls till I was walled in,

Left with no way left to win.

You can’t even begin

To understand what I meant,

To see the message I sent.

No, You can’t put a dent in my walls.

You can’t number my falls.


You could say it’s all been misconstrued,

And maybe that’s true,

But I’m not imbued

With this hateful bruise you still insist my heart needs.

To you, I’m the fallow seed,

No worth found in my deeds.

My hope only breeds your distaste.

To you, I’m such a waste.


Listen to me now, because I won’t be ignored.

I’m not the person I was before.

I built these walls so I could break free

From all the things you didn’t see.

Because now I know what you are

I know why you can’t heal the scars.

You’re heartless, rash, stubborn, cold.

Forget about what you were told

Because I’ve broken  your mold.

Watch my fortress disappear in flames.

I’ll end this game.

I’m going to aim for the stars.

I’m going to heal my scars.


And when my walls let the light in,

I’ll come out fighting,

And you’ll disappear in the breeze.

Because I’m not the me you see.



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