The Bitter Blooms: Catching Belladonna


Anger-a fickle emotion, really

Effective and quite powerful when used correctly.

However, the way my sarcastic, blunt, and amusing personality works is 

that my indifference makes me seem cold and unfeeling.


Only two people can get me fired up in the worst way;

for they (who shall remain nameless) feel the need to anger everyone else when they are having  bad days.

They instinctively know all the right buttons to push and all the wrong things to say

to get the desired effect and have all go their way.


To the half-witted mind and untrained eye,

the Belladonna is fragrant, beautiful, and harmless.

But to those familiar with floriculture,

who know to look beyond its eye-catching violet bloom,

avoid the ingestion of its midnight fruit;

for its taste would spell certain doom.


Fortunately, this warm-at-heart Sweet Pea is well aware of her relatives' semi-toxic 'tudes

and is mastering keeping her petals cool in the midst of unnecessary adversity.

So when the sunny yet sassy Calendula or the blood Rose decide to catch Deadly Nightshade,

turn away.

Turn away and leave the choleric Caledonna and the enraged Bellarose in all their violaceous rage.


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