Inside Maine's Mind


I am but a young soul 
born into the darkest place on earth
i am but a young soul 
so fragile that everything that touches me hurts
i am nothing that i thought that i would be, 
at the age of fifteen
but i take these, 
dark days and prey to god 
because i do know what they mean
could it be, 
i am just a pawn it the lives and schemes of others
the unwanted sibling of my brothers? 
the mistake of my mother? 
could it be, 
i can here just to see 
the punishments of every other
tortured bastard in the same situation as me?
I am discriminated and hate by anyone with a conscience
family or not
left and forgot
i am "black with an attitude" 
but most  are those who hate me
don't even worry about the last three
words in the phrase 
i am amazed 
at the limited amount of tolerance others have
for a being as bright as me, 
being that i don't hate other for being them, you see?
i have no release, no way to allow
energy building up inside of me out
without drawing a crowd
i am sad 
inside is outside down 
but outside angry with no frown
feeling like mixed feelings and ignorance is where i'm bound
most of the time
i won't even write it down
aside from being dyslexic, 
seeing hard times a paper leaves lower than the ground
that i stand on, 
sounds ironic to me when i say it
because i don't feel like i have any foundation in my life to keep me motivated
except for one girl, 
one lasting light in this blindingly dark tunnel
my world, my all and my everything 
who deals with ill minded little ol' me, 
can't you see planet earth? 
All i need
is some room to be made for Jermaine
where my past can stay behind me
and all of the misfortune and pain that i have 
unfortunately endured over these
past 20 years,
I'll drop all my fears 
and no more tears
as soon as the abundant  fortune love and affection is assured
i guess until then my mind will rot of thought of better days that i feel i could never see
as long as this helpless reflection looks back at me
i am but a young soul 
trapped in the darkest place on earth
who will remain trapped 
until he put down effort and hard hard work 
I will be more than what i thought i could
and if i should ever spot another me in this dark place
I'd tell him to use his little light as his saving grace.


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