Why school is uncool.

A place called college
Is a place to acquire knowledge
A place to go
And a place to show
Who you really are,

Because high school is filled with cliques
Which makes me sick
That to be cool
You have to fit in at school
And not be different,

Where is the school
That made my parents drool
Where everyone was cool
Just going to school
And being themselves?

I guess that this school is no more
Or at least I don’t see it anymore
It seems all school is used for
Is calling a fifteen year old girl a whore
And this is what society has bred,

A school that is led
By cliques that have been fed
That it’s cool to be mean
And your language should not be clean
If you want to be accepted,

I scratch my head
And wonder instead
What school would be like
If a girl wouldn’t be called a dike
Just because her hair is short,

I think school would be cool
If a guy wasn’t called a tool
Where we all just got along
Possibly even sang a song
But this is not reality,

That is why I look forward to college
Where I will get more knowledge
And a possible fresh start
With a kinder heart
At least, I hope so.



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