My World


Swords and Soldiers

Magic and Mages

Great Drakes of the Skies

Heroes made famous through the Ages


My world was born many years ago

When it had been ten years when I was born

From Yu-Gi-Oh cards to AdventureQuest to various books

Straight from games and images my ideas were torn


Vast kingdoms protected by Knights

Monsters and demons invading the lands

Just Kings and forgiving Lords

Vile crooks and merciless brigands


I have toiled and worked all over my world

Crafting my own laws of magic and physics

Receiving ideas from all sorts of sources

I would add lots of gimmicks


Giant robots made of steel

Giant cities floating in the sky

Portals and ships to traverse the worlds

I see it all in my mind's eye


To meticulously keep up with everything

Long documents and folders were made

Fifty plus pages and tens of thousands of words

Never once did my mind strayed


Creatures of the sea and of the sky

Humans and elves and dwarves alike

Angels and demons and bestial men

All with a blade at a monster will strike


Now is the time for life deciding choices

I could abandon my world to work in the office

For my life I will not for it is my life

What I desire not is a life of false promise

But instead a life where my world becomes famous

A life where my world is known in rife


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