About Adventure

She breaks through water, glistening barrier
Hair slicked back, deep breath, mouth open
Skin bathing in sunshine, rejoicing, high jump
“So proud of you, baby,” he says.
Five strangers stumble into each other’s lives
Embrace like family, live simply, no agenda
Palms dancing, turned toward the sky
“Live life as it comes,” she says.
Sprawled out on the sand, they become starfish
Taunting the rays to kiss their skin
Work and play but mostly love
Just dance, because life dances away
She had plans as a young girl
But expectations fall as years walk by
Every day is a dream 
Her hips sway in the sunset
She notices as the weeks fly by that the kids do to
Back to work, reality, buildings like jail cells
Between her palms she rolls grains of sand instead of bills
And life’s never been richer


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