Take Me Away

Take me to a place where I can be alone
Alone in peace and serenity;
Away from hurt,
Away from pain,
Away from ignorance and bigotry.
Away from family that is supposed to love,
Yet can't tolerate 
Or appreciate 
The beauty in our differences.
Our differences- A mosaic of vibrant preferences and identities 
That we may disapprove of, 
Or disagree with, 
But contribute to the contour that shapes the very essence of our uniqueness.
Take me to a place where I can be alone,
Alone in peace and serenity.
Away from a love,
Well what I called love,
But if true wouldn't’ve cut 
And sliced 
And stabbed 
And hacked 
And tore into the depths of my spirit.
Would you’ve lie to me true love?
Manipulated my mind and feelings?
Would you’ve-
Been so immature as to equate my willingness 
To serve, 
And please you, 
In an effort to make you happy,
To weak-mindedness and subservience?
Would you’ve-
Been so childish that you’d avoid communication 
Because communication requires patience, 
And honesty,
And the giving up of oneself for the greater good of the other?
Would you’ve-
Injected into my veins,
Into my blood, 
A demon that I could never get rid of!
That at its will, 
Could torture,
And torment,
My inner and outer being- 
The complex,
Ruler of bearing fruit that is new life?
Would you hide your love for me?
Ask of me things that you yourself would not do for me? 
Would you-
Accuse me of being too passive, 
And require that I "shut these niggas down," 
And "let these niggas know," 
And declare that I "have a man," 
Yet all the while "my man" carries on with these girls as if I didn't exist?
As if I didn't mean anything to you? 
Would you’ve-
Forced me to terminate relationships I've had with people for longer than I've had relations with you,
Because you 
Don’t approve, 
Although you 
Yourself have visited with women from your past, 
And made attempts
To maintain friendships 
With those you've shared intimacy with? 
Would you be so hypocritical?
Would you be so distrustful?
Although, I've never given you a reason not to trust?
Just take me away!
Take me to a place where I can be alone
Alone in peace and serenity.
Away from oppression and discrimination;
Super powers that keep entire groups 
And have kept entire generations 
Of people down-
Prohibiting them from striving toward, 
And pursuing the happiness every human being 
Has the right to try to achieve.
Away from people who make games out of the fearful reality that is indeed someone's dreadful life.
Away from deeply embedded,
Complexly intertwined 
Established at the beginning of time,
Well at the birth of this nation, 
That are the foundation 
On which 
Our entire way of surviving and existing exists.
Away from the discouragement that overwhelms me 
When I think of how I can advocate, 
And stand up for justice, 
To change someone's life for the better.
Impossible as it may be,
It’s a battle worth fighting nonetheless, 
Because any progress
Is success.
Away from mourning mothers, 
And incarcerated fathers,
And working for nearly nothing immigrants,
And racially profiled young men of color
And all too powerful authority figures 
Who have money, 
And social capital, 
And everything that the majority of the rest of the world needs, 
And strives for,
But will never attain or achieve.
Away from lying politicians, 
And deceitful pastors, 
And manipulative preachers, 
And impoverished mothers with children,
And poor college students 
Digging death traps of debt 
For a higher education.
Away from fathers who give up on families, 
And mothers and fathers who choose drugs over families, 
And molesters and rapists, 
Who strip the less dominant of security and pride,
And grandparents who perpetuate family curses, 
And governments 
Who hand fed lower class communities drugs that keep them in hearses.
And….just take me away!
To a place where I can be alone,
Alone in peace and serenity.


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