the things I'll never say


don't blame this on me
your depression 
your inability to stop yourself from falling in love with every girl who talks to you
your continual pessimism
don't tell me that i'm the problem
with my "eternal optimism"
and my "ignorance"
and how i live in "la la land"
don't come to me for help 
then tell me that i am an idiot
and that i need to wake up
and stop lying to myself
don't fight with me
because you are so depressed you find pleasure in dragging me down to your level
don't try to take my happiness away
to please your sadistic tastes
please don't do this
my eternal optimism isn't holding up
and the next time you try to depress me
to quietly shove me down into the dirt
i am terrified that you will succeed 
and you will apologize and offer to help
and i am even more terrified of that
because you are a disease 
and my immune system is weak


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