Mon, 05/12/2014 - 20:19 -- QEDkid

A freshman in high school
I was overcome
By the lack of ambition
I had become

Staring at the list of letters
Wishing that I had done better
Strange emotions came over me
Looking at the letter D

I felt the rising of my tears
I was misguided, had chosen the wrong peers
Drugs, Skipping class, and all the other things
This wasn't who I was, a puppet attached to strings

But one day I met a great teacher
Whose passion for math encouraged me
I loved this subject, and all its splendor
Even more, I wanted a degree

Mathematics, who would have guessed.
An artform that to me, is unlike the rest.
After almost failing Algebra One
I started finding math to be fun.

Now a sophomore at Boston University
Taking the most advanced courses available to me
My interest in math grew into that passion
That my great teacher had, whose compassion
Taught me that I could make a difference
So long as I had the persistence

I see who I was, how far I've come
Proud of what I have become.


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