Everything abounds ahead of me

skin rises in hills and valleys sweeping plains of cells, particles, atoms

our dust speck floating, frolicking through the empty void

and our skin is ALIVE

it breathes with the subconscious that inhabits it

and decays as an organ that encompasses all other vitals within

peeled back to reveal the vulnerable underbelly of the human race

that underneath this defining organ

we are all the same.

If sliced, stiched, separated from the rest of us

the same blood will flow to close the gap

(between races, ethnicities, religions, ripping circumstances)

to fill the hole within the skin

to safe its subconscious from destruction. 

Caresses slip over it and is sent to the brain

feeling washes over it and drowns the frontal lobe

spinning sweet ecstacy that clouds the eyes that perceive everything

abounds ahead of me. 

All of these beautiful images, the sensations, the wind creates a picture

of an astounding and unfathomable complexity within the simplest

and closest thing to a person


And with that everything abounds ahead of me.


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