A Thousand Thoughts

I'm sitting watching the ceiling fan spin,

You said you'd be here...when?


Please let this be real,

Please don't lie!


I've sat here for an hour now,

I'm slowly beginning to cry!


So many thoughts running through my mind,

So many lies told.

I promise you, this is starting to get old!


You said you'd be here in my time of need.

You lied to me, now I have no one to believe.


But its okay, 

I might as well smile.

I have a thousand thoughts of suicide.


But then I realize how?

What would my Father think,

What about my Mother?


It'd tear them to shreads to bury their daughter.


But I'm so very stressed,

I'm becoming a hot mess!


My life is going downhill,

I am still blessed!


I pray to God above,

I know he will see me through.


I start to pray slowly,

Dear God, if You only knew!


But He does know it all,

He's seen my rise and fall.


There is A thousand thoughts in my heart,

In Jesus name amen.


Please cleanse all of my sin!


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