She was just seven years old.
The story of her life had never been told.
She had plans and dreams.
She was more than she seemed
And her tears did stream
As she silently screamed
Down a hallway she's walked a hundred times.
There, she met a stranger that hated her life.
He didn't know of the things she liked;
Like singing, dancing, and riding her bike.
Oh, he looked like a monster from a fairy tale
With red eyes and skin so pale.
The girl gathered her sword and shield
With courage and grace she emerged on the battlefield.
She heard a teacher beg "sweetie please come inside!"
But, she looked at the monster straight in the eye.
He was so angry, and he said "time to die."
Then she pulled out her sword and slashed at the lie.
The blast of a gun cut off her battle cry,
Then she whispered to the world her last goodbye.
When her vision started to turn white,
She knew everything would be all right.
Then, suddenly she began to fly.
This is the story of a seven year old
Whose short story has never been told.
She had plans and she had dreams.
But, the anger of someone else ended these things.


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