It is Good to Hope

Hope is the blood that routes my veins, provoking my passion and vitality during my youth. Ideals stack themselves like broken puzzle pieces never ever finding a perfect fit, but and imperfect balance...always finding a way to adapt to wise and foolish steps and plans..focus grabbed by mere glimmers of what excellence truly is. Habitual cravings dig you into holes that leave you blind with no knowledge of how to "progress." The romance of your youth failed because you did not make love to your days and nights. You know your painful decisions always chip pieces of your soul in regret at every reminiscent moment. ..keen to make my will a reality, I fight my own disastrous nature in order to build a foundation of consistent, and conscious wisdom. Edifying my own name is nothing short of folly, but laying down a smooth and clear path for my descendants is the noblest of existences...hope then, hope will endure. Endure through my own life and the lives of my progeny..for as long as this blood flows, I will sculpt my life into time as patiently as an oyster.


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